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Irrigation System & Hardscape Installations in Columbus, New Jersey

Since 1985, people throughout Columbus, New Jersey, have relied on G&G Landscaping Construction, Inc. for prompt irrigation system and hardscape installations. Whether you want an easier way to maintain your lawn or want a custom walkway to enhance the beauty of your property, our landscaping contractor is ready to deliver.

Giving You a Healthy Lawn

Call our professionals for a fast irrigation system installation so you can easily maintain your lawn, even when you don't have the time. With an automatic sprinkler system, you can still enjoy a green yard and additional free time to enjoy the green results. Your new automatic sprinkler system takes the work and worry out of watering your lawn and landscaping, so your lawn can enjoy the right amount of water when it needs it.

Why You Need an Automatic System

The typical hose-end product cannot match a properly installed automatic sprinkler system, as it uses less water than a single sprinkler system, making them more efficient. The automatic system delivers gentle, even watering for a more thorough soaking. Additionally, there is less runoff and less wasted water. For your added convenience, you can program the system to water your lawn when it works best for you.

Scheduling Routine Maintenance

In addition to irrigation system installations, we also offer routine maintenance for your sprinkler to keep it in proper working condition. Maintenance includes:
  • Cleansing of nozzles for proper spray
  • Replacement of pop-ups & rotors
  • Adjustment and movement of sprinkler heads for better coverage
  • Raising of sprinkler heads
  • Additional sprinkler heads for newly developed areas
  • Irrigation product upgrades for better performance
  • Repair of leaks and poor performing systems
  • Adjust sprinkler heads for accurate coverage

Spring Startups

In the latter half of March is when our landscaping contractor starts up and fine tunes systems for the season. The typical spring startup program might include:
  • Annual Mandatory Testing & Maintenance of Backflow Devices
  • Drain Valve Closing & Main Shutoff Valve Opening

Getting Ready for Winter

Ensure your irrigation system is ready for the cold winter months when you rely on us for the maintenance you need. We offer system winterization including line blowouts and clock shutdowns.

Adding a Hardscape

Enhance the beauty of your property when you call our professionals for a hardscape installation, such as a paver, walkway, patio, or retaining wall. These projects are becoming increasingly popular for both residential and commercial properties, as they are known for their beauty and versatility. For most hardscape installations, you can choose from a selection of pavers, which are available in an array of colors, textures, and shapes, making them perfect to create your dream. Pavers simulate stones, bricks, tiles, cobblestone, and granite block so you can easily express yourself in your outdoor living space.

Using Pavers

Unlike asphalt or concrete, pavers won't crack, chip, or flake, and they're virtually maintenance-free. Additionally, the pavers won't rot or deteriorate like wood, so you can use them for a variety of projects such as curved and straight walls. Finally, the interlocking system makes it easy to remove and replace the pavers if necessary. Paver applications can be performed in the following locations:
  • Walkways
  • Driveways
  • Patios
  • Steps
  • Around Pool Areas
  • Around Fountains
  • Retaining & Landscaping Walls
  • Edging around Landscape Areas

Installing Your Pavers

Pavers for hardscape installations are typically constructed on a four- to six-inch, compacted base of three-fourths-inch quarry stone blend and a one-inch, coarse concrete sand bed. After installing the paver, we sweep joint sand back and forth over the entire paver surface until all the joints are filled to the top with sand.

On average, the wall units are usually constructed on a six-inch, compacted base of three-fourths-inch modified stone footing, with a half-inch layer of sand or stone screenings. Once installed, all the areas behind the units are backfilled and compacted. With the various block choices and sizes available, you can build a small, one-foot garden wall or walls that are more than 30 feet high. Contact us today to request an estimate for our irrigation system installation to keep your lawn green and healthy without worry.