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Lawn & Landscape Maintenance in Columbus, New Jersey

Keep your lawn looking beautiful and green all year long when you rely on G&G Landscaping Construction, Inc. in Columbus, New Jersey, for professional lawn and landscape maintenance services. From pruning your trees to fertilizing your property, our landscaping contractor does it all to give you a beautiful lawn and landscape you can enjoy for years to come.

Many Lawn Maintenance Programs

We work hard to help you keep a beautiful landscape that's sure to leave your neighbors green with envy. Simply choose from one of our lawn maintenance programs to get a picture-perfect yard for years to come.

Maintining Your Landscape

Achieve a picture-perfect landscape you can enjoy every year when you call our landscaping contractor for expert landscape maintenance services. From pruning the hedges to maintaining the look of your trees, we do it all so you can have the perfect looking yard.

Regular Pruning for Your Hedges

Regular hedge pruning is part of our landscape maintenance program, as it keeps your hedges looking attractive. Typically, hedges need to be trimmed twice a year; however, some may need more. Should you choose to maintain your own hedges, be sure to always trim so the base is wider than the top, as it helps keep your shrubs healthy.

If you've recently planted a hedge, it needs to develop slowly to look its best. Never try to attain your desired height in one season, or your hedge will thin and open at the base.

Two Techniques for Pruning Shrubs

At G&G Landscaping Construction, Inc., we use two different methods for pruning shrubs. Using the first method, heading, we cut the branches back to healthy buds so growth continues. Thinning, on the other hand, involves cutting a branch or removed shoot to another main branch, the trunk, or to ground level. Knowing when you need landscape maintenance is essential to keeping your shrubs looking beautiful. You should prune your shrubs soon after the flowers blossom so it reaches its full blooming potential.

A Common Procedure

Pruning is the most common maintenance procedure next to watering. It is often necessary to remove dead, diseased, or insect-infested branches to ensure your trees stay healthy. In addition, it improves the structure of your tree while enhancing vigor and maintaining your property's safety.

Healthy Trees on Your Landscape

Keep your trees healthy and strong when you call our contractor for landscape maintenance. Strong form or architecture starts with branches that are evenly spaced along the trunk. Because weak branches occur in areas where the branch and trunk squeeze together, this may be a sign of a potential problem. As the squeezing increases during your tree's growth, dead spots and cracks can form below where the branch attaches to the trunk. Unfortunately, when the problem starts, the weak branch attachment can lead to additional cracking or breaking during mild to moderate storms. Contact our contractor today to request an estimate for our lawn maintenance services to keep your lawn healthy and green all year long.